Almandine in jewelry

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Almandine in jewelry

Almandine (garnet group).

Color: red with a purple hue.
Hardness: 7.5 points.
Density: 3.95-4.20 g/cm³.
Almandite is a variety of garnet, but differs from the latter in hardness and color (almandines have purple, red-purple and black hues). However, bard-colored, cherry-colored, and even brown or orange almandine may also occur, depending on the iron admixtures in the structure.

As a rule, almandine is a mineral with a diameter of 0.5-2 centimeters, but sometimes large specimens of 40 mm or more can be found. If the stone is transparent and has a homogeneous coloring, such almandines are highly prized. In most cases, the stones used for inlays are 0.5 cm.


Deposits and extraction

This wonderful gemstone is mined mainly in India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, but there are also deposits in Finland and Mongolia.

Jewelry shopping

Almandite is the most common representative of the large group of garnets, so there is a wide variety of jewelry with this stone. At you will find almandine rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. The basis of the assortment is made of gold.


 Almandine analogues

Almandines are most often cherry or raspberry-purple in color, sometimes brown-red and orange-red, rarely black. The color is due only to the iron impurities in the composition. The amazing color of almandine is in no way similar to the other red stones, such as pyrope, rubies, amethysts, and tourmalines.

How to tell the difference between the natural almandine and the fake one
Almandites are quite inexpensive, and black stones cost a half to two times cheaper than ordinary ones. That is why they are not counterfeited, as it makes no sense.

But if you still want to find out if the almandine you see is real or fake, you should know that garnets are pyroelectric. When heated by friction, e.g. against the cloth, the stone starts to attract small light objects such as feathers.

Almandite in astrology and its magical properties

Red garnet varieties are related to the planet Mars. Almandine, like pyrope, is considered a stone of passion, emotion and desire. It activates the vital energy of a person, gives inspiration and strength to realize even difficult goals.

It is said to calm one's anger, to make one merry and pleasant, to inspire optimism, and to give one the necessary new contacts. It is considered, that the jewelry with almandine should be worn by those who cannot stand solitude and who are always late.

And here are which of the signs suits almandine in their properties: Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. Cancers will always be able to make the right decision in difficult situations. Virgo, under the influence of the stone, will be able to enjoy harmony with the outside world. For the zodiacal signs of Taurus, Gemini and Pisces, it is not recommended to wear products with almandine.

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